Phone Banking

Simple banking from your phone

Safely and securely manage your finances 24/7 by calling the Phone Banking line at (800) 234-5884, and following the prompts within the menu. 

What you get with Phone Banking:

  • Obtain account balances, recent transactions and loan balances
  • Transfer funds between your accounts*
  • Make a loan payment or get a loan advance
  • Change your Phone Banking Personal Access Code
  • Fast Lane option to skip full menu prompts
Contact us or visit any branch to enroll in Phone Banking today!

Person using phone to do their phone banking.

Fast Lane

Skip the full-menu prompts, and go straight to the options used most frequently, including:

  • Balance Inquiries
  • Transfers
  • Payments
  • Account history

Contact us to add Fast Lane today!

Fast Lane Menu

Phone Banking Menu

Account Balances Menu:
Press 1 or say "Checking"
Press 2 or say "Savings"
Press 3 or say "Loan Accounts"
Press 4 or say "Credit Card"
Account History Menu:
Press 1 or say "Checking"
Press 2 or say "Savings"
Press 3 or say "Loan Accounts"
Press 4 or say "Credit Card"
Funds Transfer Menu:
Press 1 or say "Transfer Funds Immediately"
Press 2 or say "Payments"
Press 3 or say "Hear Existing Scheduled Transfers"
Press 4 or say "Delete an Existing Transfer"
Share or loan withdrawal menu will vary based on account.
Card Services Menu:
Press 1 or say "Activate Credit Card"
Press 2 or say "Deactivate or Report Card Lost or Stolen"

More Options Menu:
Press 1 or say "Change Your Access Code"
Press 2 or say "Future Data Transactions"
Press 3 or say "Credit Union Information"
Balance Inquiry Menu:
Press 50 for Checking
Press 51 for Credit Card
Press 52 for Savings Account

Transfer Funds Menu:
Press 60 for Savings to Checking
Press 61 for Checking to Savings

Payments (Immediate):
Press 70 to Make a Loan Payment

Account History:
Press 80 for Last Cleared Checks
Press 81 for Last 5 Checking Transactions
Press 82 for Last 5 Credit Card Transactions

Switch Accounts:
Press 9 then *

Launch Full Menu:
Press # then *

*Regulations require phone transfers (and certain other non-personal methods) from all share account types, except your share draft checking account, be limited to six (6) per month for each share account type.