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Here's a list of our most frequently asked questions at Wanigas. 

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If you forget your digital banking password, you can reset it online in three simple steps.

    1. Click the "forgot password" option under the login field. You will need your SSN and member number (this is your account number) to begin the steps to changing your password. 
    2. After you have entered your information, a verification code will be sent using the method you chose when you enrolled in digital banking (typically by text message or by phone call with an automated voice providing the code).
    3. When you enter  your verification code, you will then be prompted to reset your password. After you do so, you will be able to access your digital banking account right away.

You can change your address and contact information by either:

  • Logging in to digital banking and selecting 'settings' under your profile. Then select your name and 'edit' your address.
  • Calling (800) 748-0451 and speaking with a representative
  • Visiting one of our branch locations
To report a lost/stolen ATM, Debit or credit card, please call (800) 748-0451. To report a lost/stolen card after hours please call (888) 241-2510. For cards lost/stolen outside of the United States, please call (909) 941-1398.
Whether your monthly deposits are from paychecks, social security checks or pension checks, we can help you set up direct deposit to your Wanigas Credit Union account of choice.
Routing Number: 272480128

You can start a chat session with one of our agents within digital banking a few different ways.

  1. Within your digital banking account, there is a red tile located under your accounts that says "Message". This starts a chat session.
  2. Within the mobile app, you can also select "Support" from the drop down menu. Within the support section, you can click "Start a conversation" to chat with us.
  3. When you are viewing any transaction within digital banking, you can also click "Ask us about this transaction" then select "Start a new conversation" to chat.

Click here to enroll in digital banking. Already enrolled? Log in here.