Account security is very important to us and our member’s here at Wanigas. Keeping you informed about your finances is essential, and e-Alerts does just that. This service sends an email, Voice, SMS Text message or a Secure Message to you when selected activities occur.

eAlerts can be set up in the eBanking by finding the Settings tab in the Menu and clicking on eAlerts. On the Alerts screen there will be a +New Alert blue box in top right hand corner, click on it to set up any new AccountActivity, or Online Transaction alerts.

Account Alerts 

Account Alerts are used to notify you about your account balance. You can set them up to notify you when the balance of your selected account (Savings, Checking, etc.) is (1) more than (2) less than, or (3) exactly the amount that you want. *Helpful Hint-To receive a DAILY BALANCE Alert set your amount for more than $0.01 when setting up your account eAlert.


New Account Alerts

Activity Alerts 

Activity Alerts are used to notify you about a debit transaction (withdrawal), credit transaction (deposit), a specific check number that clears the account or by the description of the transaction. You can set them up to notify you when your balance is (1) more than (2) less than, or (3) exactly the amount that you choose and from the account (Savings, Checking, etc.) you want the eAlert for. *Helpful Hint-To receive a notification for every chosen transaction, please enter $0.01 in the amount field when setting up the alert.


Activity Alerts

Online Transaction Alerts 

Online Transaction Alerts are used to notify you when there is a change of address, check reorder, external transfer, funds transfer or a stop payment has been made on your account that you initiated yourself in eBanking. This will require you to pick the status of the transaction which you would like to be notified about. The statuses to pick from are authorized, canceled, drafted, failed or processed.


New Online Transaction Alert

Security Alerts 

Security Alerts are used to notify you about actions that might affect the security of your account such as password changes, when a device has been registered, when an invalid password has been attempted and more.
* The alerts in faint text are required and cannot be turned off. The other alerts can be turned off and on as you choose by toggling the switch.


Security Alerts


Please remember that Wanigas Credit Union will never contact you and ask you for your User ID, Password, SAC codes, your account number, any card numbers, your PIN or for any personal information.   If someone contacts you requesting this information, hang up and call Wanigas immediately.

For more security tips, click here.

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