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Buying a car? The AskAuto™ app can help.

Find the perfect car and perfect loan with the new AskAuto app for your smartphone or tablet. Whether you’re buying a vehicle now or in the future, we’ve got a powerful new shopping tool that can help make your shopping experience easier.

With the AskAuto app, you can:

  • Scan VINs to get average retail cost and EPA mileage estimates on cars you like.
  • Compare, rank and save notes on vehicles you want to buy.
  • Learn which loans might be best for you.
  • Apply for a loan anytime, anywhere using your smartphone or mobile device. Just scan your driver’s license* and the AskAuto app prefills the loan application with your personal information and vehicle info for the car you’re interested in. Saves you time and key strokes.
 Want to take AskAuto for a test drive? Download your free app today: http://askauto.loanliner.com/market
      Be sure to select Wanigas Credit Union on the app’s startup screen. 
*Driver’s license scan not available in all states.

Auto Discounts

TruStage™ Auto Insurance

Trustage Insurance Agency. Car insurance through your credit union? At a great rate? And switching is easy? Yes, yes and yes. Get a quote.

As a Wanigas Credit Union member, you have the chance to save money on your car insurance. We make the TruStage™ Auto Insurance Program available for our members. You'll get coverage you want from leading insurance companies, the service you deserve and savings that could add up to $519.52* or even more...

Discounts on car insurance

  • multi-car discount
  • anti-lock brakes
  • air bags, automatic seat belts
  • anti-theft device
  • good student discount

Benefits for car insurance

  • 24-hour claims service (even on holidays)
  • fast appraisals (typically within 24 hours)
  • guaranteed auto repairs (for as long as you own the vehicle)

Call toll-free 1-888-380-9287 or visit
*Figure reflects average annual savings based on countrywide survey of new customers from 1/27/2014 to 1/16/2015 who reported prior insurers' premiums when they switched to Liberty Mutual’s group auto and home program. Individual premiums and savings will vary.

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