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Protect Your Financial Privacy and Account Security

Wanigas Is Committed to Your Financial Privacy and Account Security. If you suspect a scam, call the credit union directly at 989.799.9800 or 800.675.2285 to inquire about your account.

Please be aware that Wanigas Credit Union will never call, text or email you to request your personal sensitive information, such as your Social Security number, your credit/debit card number(s), or your Online/Mobile Banking username and password. If you receive a phone call from someone claiming to be a financial institution or other organization requesting such information, you are most likely being contacted by an impostor. It is important that you never give out your personal credentials.

Beware of Fraudsters! Keep Your Identity Secure!

Fraudsters have become increasingly adept at getting consumers to share the information they need to commit fraud by posing as financial institution call center agents or by sending text messages that look like they are coming from the institution, warning of suspicious transaction activities.

Here are a few important tips to remember:

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