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Member Success Stories

Here at Wanigas Credit Union, we are in the business of helping our members save money! We are excited to share with you the below Success Stories on how we have been able to make a difference in our members lives. 

A Wanigas representative was helping a member with a personal loan and during the review process found out the member had a vehicle financed at another financial institution. The representative asked the member if they were interested in seeing if she could save them money by refinancing the vehicle to Wanigas. The Wanigas representative was able to refinance the member's vehicle loan to Wanigas and lower the interest rate from 22.05% APR to 8.75% APR (WOW), which lowered the members monthly payment by $182.00

This Wanigas loan officer made a huge Wanigas difference in this members life by saving them $11,247 in interest over the term of their vehicle loan!

In October of 2017, a Wanigas employee assisted a member and his wife with a $9,000 personal loan and the members chose to protect their loan with Loan Shield, Wanigas’ debt protection including joint life. In May of 2018, Wanigas received notification that the wife had passed away and a claim was filed with CUNA. CUNA forwarded a check for $8,158.37 to pay off the remaining balance of the loan.

Because the Wanigas representative discussed ‘debt protection’ options with the members during the application process, the member’s husband was provided with some financial relief during a very difficult time. 

A non-member applied as a co-signer on an auto loan with a current Wanigas member. During the application process, the Wanigas representative noticed that the co-signer had a vehicle loan with a finance company at 7.25% APR. The Wanigas representative mentioned he could save the co-signer money by refinancing his own vehicle loan with Wanigas. This vehicle was refinanced at 4.00% APR over the remaining term, saving this new Wanigas member $3,325.00 in interest over the life of the loan.

In July of 2016, a Wanigas employee assisted a member with a $10,821.11 personal loan to pay off some outstanding debt. The Wanigas member chose to protect the loan with Loan Shield, Wanigas' debt protection including life and disability. In July of 2018, the member filed a disability claim and CUNA began making the payments on the loan. To date, CUNA has paid $3,121.68 towards the personal loan.  

We don't want anything unfortunate to happen to our members, we have that conversation to discuss options to protect them in the event that it does. This member is being provided with some financial relief during a time that she is unable to work due to an unexpected disability.

A Wanigas loan officer answered a call from a non-member who was inquiring about mortgage loans. The caller had questions about what he would need to do to get a mortgage and was referred to Wanigas by a current member. The mortgage loan officer discussed the mortgage application and closing process (from start to finish) and the variety of mortgage options available to him. Purchasing a home is a big decision, Wanigas has in-house mortgage professionals that take pride in being a trusted financial partner in the mortgage industry. This now, new member, recently closed on his $68,875 mortgage and was able to take advantage of our First Time Home Buyer Program.

Thinking Mortgage? Think Wanigas!

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