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Here at Wanigas Credit Union, we are in the business of helping our members save money! We are excited to share with you the below Success Stories on how we have been able to make a difference in our members lives. 

Recently, a Wanigas member contacted a Wanigas representative and said that he and his wife were ready to start looking at purchasing their first home. The Wanigas representative informed the member of our current mortgage promotions and referred the member to mortgage specialist so he could get pre-approved while they searched for the perfect home. The mortgage specialist was able to pre-approve the member and when they found the right home she was there to help them through the mortgage process. Since this was the members first home they qualified for out First Time Home Buyer Program. Not only that, when the mortgage specialist was reviewing the members credit report during the pre-approval process she noticed he had a vehicle loan at another financial institution. The mortgage specialist asked the member if he would be interested in seeing if Wanigas could save him money and the member said yes. Wanigas refinanced the loan and saved him $4,212.66 in interest over the life of the loan! Additionally, our member also received $223.23 CA$H BACK in his pocket with our ‘Auto Loan Madness 1% Cash Back’ Promotion.

A Wanigas representative assisted a member with an Auto Loan and protected the loan with Loan Shield, Wanigas’ debt protection including life plus disability & unemployment. A few months later, another Wanigas representative assisted this same member with a Special Assistance Loan and also discussed debt protection options and the member chose to protect the loan again with life plus disability & unemployment. During the pandemic, the member called and spoke with a Wanigas representative about needing to come in and file an unemployment claim with CUNA because he had been laid off from his job due to Covid-19. CUNA began making payments that month and our member was provided with some financial relief when he needed it the most.

A Wanigas representative was recently helping a member balance her checkbook. The member was way off and very negative in her checking account. After reviewing her account and having a conversation with the member, the Wanigas representative found out that her husband, who handled all of the finances, had passed away. The member was behind on multiple bills so the Wanigas representative talked to her about a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC). The Wanigas representative was able to approve the member for a HELOC which took care of her behind bills, car repairs and new tires, paid off her vehicle loan and two credit cards. The Wanigas representative also helped the member set up auto pay, opened up sub accounts for bills, vacation and Christmas along with an Overdraft Protection of $500 for future emergencies.

After all was said and done, the Wanigas representative was able to lower the member’s debt-to-income ratio, saved her $24.00% APR in interest on the credit cards, and hundreds of dollars in monthly minimum payments. The member was very happy with all of the help she received and that the Wanigas representative freed up $600 a month for her.

In April of 2019, a Wanigas representative assisted a Wanigas member with a Personal Loan for home repairs. In September of 2019, a previous Wanigas employee assisted this same member with a Special Assistance Loan and then in October of 2019, another Wanigas representative assisted this member with a Holiday Loan. All three Wanigas representatives discussed Loan Shield, Wanigas’ debt protection during the application process and each time the member chose to protect their loan with life plus disability & unemployment. In March of 2020, a Wanigas representative spoke with the member, who had been laid off of work due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, regarding the loans and gave him the number to CUNA to file unemployment claims. CUNA began making payments on all three loans and our member was provided with some financial relief during a difficult time of unemployment. 

A Wanigas representative contacted a member about refinancing two of his vehicle's over to Wanigas and save him money. The Wanigas member had a 2013 Chevrolet Malibu financed with another financial institution at 24.12% APR. The Wanigas representative was able to refinance the vehicle at 4.50% APR, saving the member $3,179.00 in interest. The member also had a 2016 GMC Terrain financed with a different lender at 9.82% APR. The Wanigas representative was able to refinance this vehicle at 5.20% APR, saving her member an additional $4,845.00 in interest. During the application, the Wanigas representative also discussed loan protection options and her member chose to protect both vehicles with Loan Shield, Wanigas’ debt protection, and Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP Plus). We never want anything to happen to our members but we want them to be protected in the event that it does.

This Wanigas loan officer made a huge Wanigas difference in this members life by saving them over $8,000.00 in interest on their vehicle loans!

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