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Connect all your bank accounts

Bringing you the power of simpler, smarter banking with external transfer options. With external transfers you can transfer money to and from your personal bank account(s) at any institution in just a few simple steps. Plus, you can even make loan payments.

How to link external accounts for transfers:

  1. Login to your e-Banking account.
  2. From the menu select “External Accounts” > “Add External Account”.
  3. Enter the account number, account type, and routing number for the external account you would like to add.
  4. Two “micro” deposits will be generated and sent to your external account (typically within 5 business days).
  5. Once you receive these two “micro” deposits in your external account: Log back in to e-Banking and select “External Accounts” > “Verify External Account” and enter the amounts received.
  6. Enjoy transferring to and from your institution anytime, anywhere.

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