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Member Success Stories

Here at Wanigas Credit Union, we are in the business of helping our members save money! We are excited to share with you the below Success Stories on how we have been able to make a difference in our members lives. 

A Wanigas employee at our Shattuck branch had a member call her to inquire about new vehicle rates. The member ended up financing through Ford Credit to receive additional discounts that were being offered on the vehicle model. Our employee followed up with the member regarding the interest rate the member received and found out the member had received 11.87% APR over 72 months (a $693 monthly payment). This employee was able to help her member refinance to Wanigas at 3.75% APR for the same 72 month term, lowering the members monthly payment to $557 and saving the member more than $10,000 in interest over the life of the loan!

Because of our employee's awesome relationship building and follow up, the member made the switch and saved money.

A Wanigas employee helped save her members money when she refinanced their fifth wheel camper from another financial institution. After a few years, the joint member on the loan came back to see this employee. The primary member passed away suddenly and the spouse was not sure what to do, she didn’t know how she was going to cover the payment on the recreation vehicle and wanted to discuss options. The joint member was upset, trying to figure out her finances while processing the unexpected passing of her spouse. Our employee let her member know that when they refinanced their loan, they chose to have payment protection and because they did, Wanigas would file a claim for the remaining loan balance. CUNA paid the remaining balance of $21,011.62 (the claim was paid in 5 days) and this member was extremely grateful to our employee and Wanigas CU.

Because our employee had a ‘debt protection’ conversation during the application process, Wanigas was able to make a difference and provide some financial relief during a difficult time.

An employee at the Bay City branch had a member come in who received a Wanigas marketing piece in the mail and was interested in refinancing his vehicle. The member was currently financed at a 24.00% APR interest rate and our employee was able to refinance him at low interest rate of 7.75% APR, saving our member $11,285.87 in interest alone!

This member was very happy with the great service he received from Wanigas and stated he will always finance his loans through Wanigas. 

In August of 2017, a Wanigas employee helped a member with a personal loan and the member chose to protect their unsecured loan in the event of a death or disability with Wanigas Credit Union’s Loan Shield. In October 2017, this same employee again assisted this member with financing a new 2017 GMC Sierra and once again, the member understood the value of protecting their loan with Life Plus, payment protection. In August of 2018, our member found out he was terminally ill. When he was unable to work due to his illness, his wife filed a disability claim on the Personal Loan and CUNA promptly began covering the loan payments. Over those few months, our collection department corresponded with the member and his wife in regards to the loans he had financed with Wanigas. Sadly, a short time after, our member lost his fight with the illness and passed away. CUNA paid off the remaining loan balances; paying a total of $2,871.28 on the Personal Loan and $43,519.37 on the Vehicle Loan.

The member and his wife were grateful for the service they received during a difficult time for their family.

A Wanigas employee was helping a member that was interested in a signature loan to consolidate some debt and lower her monthly payments. While looking things over, our employee asked the right questions and realized the member had a lot of equity in her home. This employee discussed the option of refinancing the members current Wanigas mortgage to pull cash out and pay off all of her debts. With the cash out refinance, she was able to pay off 8 outstanding debts bringing the new monthly ‘bills’ payment to $626.57, saving the member $772.03 per month! The member was also able to have new flooring installed in her home with some of the extra cash she received. 

This Wanigas employee made a huge Wanigas difference in this members life and was able to put her in a better financial position.

A Wanigas employee was working with one of her frequent long time members who was inquiring about loan rates because he was looking to purchase a new truck. She talked with this member about our current rates and also told him about our current ‘Instant Winner’ Auto Promotion. Our employee was able to finance the members new 2019 Chevrolet Silverado and also a new 2019 Chevrolet Traverse for the member’s wife both at 4.75% APR. Our employee also assisted the member with a Wanigas VISA Platinum credit card because they were paying 21.00% APR on another credit card. They were able to transfer the balance to their Wanigas VISA which has a rate of 11.20% APR.

Not only was our employee able to help her members save money in credit card interest, the members also received $850.76 CA$H BACK in their pocket from the current Auto Promotion!

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