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  Meet The Wanigas Mortgage Team:


Sandra Anvia Erika Brown Marci Dinauer Ali Ellis Andy Geth
Asst. Mortgage Manager Bagley Branch Manager Bay City Asst. Branch Manager Mortgage Sales Manager Shattuck Branch Manager
NMLS #854703 NMLS #884834 NMLS #855164 NMLS #883429 NMLS #848539
989.799.9786 989.759.5754 989.799.9802 989.399.9892 989.799.9833
sanvia@wanigas.com ebrown@wanigas.com mdinauer@wanigas.com aellis@wanigas.com ageth@wanigas.com


Kerry Leonard Sharon List Shelly Noble Carolyn Reou Mary Ruggles
Gratiot Branch Manager Mortgage Loan Officer Bay City Branch Manager Brighton Branch Manager Gratiot Asst. Branch Manager
NMLS #942235 NMLS #433135 NMLS #433138 NMLS #1485481 NMLS #1485483
989.759.5764 989.759.5788 989.799.9805 810.534.4502 989.399.9895
kleonard@wanigas.com slist@wanigas.com snoble@wanigas.com creou@wanigas.com mruggles@wanigas.com


Amy Schultz Lisa Shoemaker Krista Swinson Melissa Syring Cheryl Voisine
Bagley Asst. Branch Manager Mortgage Manager Mortgage Process Manager Mortgage Loan Officer Mortgage Loan Officer
NMLS #1287227 NMLS #433133 NMLS #1104080 NMLS #991485 NMLS #1048376
989.759.5796 989.799.9834 989.759.5742 989.759.5747 989.799.9816
aschultz@wanigas.com lshoemaker@wnaigas.com kswinson@wanigas.com msyring@wanigas.com cvoisine@wanigas.com

The Mortgage Processing Team:


Karen Radina Miranda Lemuel Mary Salamon Lisa Lesnich Rose Gorte
Mortgage Specialist Mortgage Specialist Mortgage Specialist Mortgage Specialist Mortgage Specialist
NMLS #1104079 NMLS #1395931 NMLS #433136 NMLS #1104078 NMLS #11040771
989.799.0673 989.799.9838 989.799.9828 989.799.9835 989.799.0498
kradina@wanigas.com mlemuel@wanigas.com msalamon@wanigas.com llesnich@wanigas.com rgorte@wanigas.com


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Equal Housing Lender, we do business in accordance with Federal Fair Lending Laws.